"Hop" Harry Stone

Out of all the boxers I researched, a few became favorites, even though they were long before my time. One such boxer was the New York born "Hop" Harry Stone, who as a lad, used to sell newspapers at the Bronx Zoo.

Harry Stone was both skillful and flamboyant - and a hard worker. He was credited with having over 500 fights, which even in those days was a remarkable achievement.

Sadly many of my notes and photocopies have deteriorated over the years - many photocopies were not all that brilliant to begin with!

The photo is a report of Harry's death, published in The Cairns Post, 14 December 1950 - courtesy National Library of Australia. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The article is hard to read, but below is an electronic attempt at translation

SYDNEY, Dec. 12.-"Hop" Harry Stone, one of the most colorful figures in Australian boxing in the 20's, died in Sydney to-day, aged 57.

A former Australian lightweight boxing champion, "Hop" Harry was the idol of Australia's boxing crowds many years ago, both in Sydney and Melbourne.

A native of America, he had lived in Australia for many years. In re- cent years he had lived at Marrickville, where he had a business.

His ring record showed more than 500 fights. He was never knocked out and never lost a fight on a foul.
He numbered welterweights, middleweights and heavyweights among his opponents, although his greatest success was in the light- weight class.

He took the Australian title in 1920 from Llew Edwards, an Englishman, and lost it the following year to Sid Godfrey

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